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Digital Asset Technology for Capital Markets

Institutional grade distributed ledger technology that reduces administrative overhead in legacy financial systems & unlocks opportunity for issuers of all sizes within a regulated digital asset venue.

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Chintai Network Services Pte Ltd is a Singapore based FinTech service provider for custody, issuance & secondary trading of tokenized securities & other digital assets.

Our compliance enabled distributed ledger technology (DLT) products can be white labeled to dramatically reduce administrative overhead in traditional financial infrastructure by automating cap table management, manual middle/back office processes, compliance, reporting, corporate actions & more. Learn More

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#NOV 11, 2020

Advantages of Digital Asset Issuance on EOS

How Chintai and the performance advantages of EOS can transform capital markets to expand access to issuance for small to medium size enterprise.

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Functional Specification Document

Chintai is a technology service provider for issuance and secondary trading of digital assets. This technical overview provides in-depth detail about Chintai products and services.

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# SEPT 25, 2020

Value Proposition of Regulated DeFi

Regulated DeFi is the middle ground that provides a trusted venue that is necessary for both capital markets and cryptocurrencies to be legitimately issued and traded.

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