Increase Margins with Customized Issuance

Unlock fundraising opportunities and increase margins with customized digital asset issuance. By encoding assets digitally you can automate compliance, reporting, middle and back office administrative overhead, corporate actions and more.

We build technology specific to your business size, goals and legal obligations to ensure a successful and compliant raise.


Customized for
your Audience

A custom portal is built with your branding and specific investor audience requirements to execute a successful raise.


Tokenize Any

Tokenization unlocks efficiencies in the asset lifecycle. We maximize efficiency for any asset. This includes securities, funds, bonds, and other regulated assets.


Automate Regulatory

Sentinel-AI is our smart contract based technology that eliminates regulatory liability concerns with automated transaction monitoring and execution of custom controls specifically for your compliance requirements.


Access to Investors &
Successful Market

We work with you and our partners to bring your issuance to a global network of investors and broker dealers. Our Automated Market Makers ensure liquidity provision from day one to nourish early market formation and price discovery that is critical to your fundraising success.


    Advantages of Digital Asset Issuance

  • Automate administrative overhead in your middle and back office
  • Avoid restrictive fees in the traditional issuance outlets and venues
  • Guarantee compliance with regulatory obligations and on-chain KYC/AML
  • Issue to a broad range of investors in a 24/7 global venue
  • White label within your custom created and branded portal
  • Issue virtually any asset: securities, commodities, bonds, real estate and novel assets such as collector items, art, or whiskey.
  • Unlock liquid markets for formly illiquid assets
  • During and after an issuance only eligible investors can access and trade your issued assets.

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