Chintai technology and the underlying protocol (EOSIO) has been tested for more than two years.

The EOSIO protocol has been upgraded numerous times by Block.One to enhance performance and security. EOSIO is the fastest and most efficient protocol in the industry. Compared to other protocols and technology stacks, Chintai provides the only high-performance and 100% on-chain solution. Etherum, Tezos and other popular protocols are slow, have costly “gas” fees and cannot meet compliance requirements without putting logic offchain.

We believe there is no reason to issue a token if it cannot be traded or seamlessly transferred on-chain.

Putting logic off-chain defeats the purpose of using distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the first place. By using other technology issuers forfeit maximum reductions in administrative overhead and compliance liabilities. Our technology is high performance and on-chain to enable issuers to increase margins, reduce compliance liability and offer a next generation regulated digital asset venue to a global investor audience.


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