The Chintai secondary trading engine is built for institutional use and can be used by businesses of all sizes.

Rapid deployment with your desired fee structure. Offer your investor audience the only on-chain high performance OMS with “liquid ready” markets. All compliance obligations are automated to virtually eliminate administrative overhead, liability concern and fraudulent activity.


Our AI powered transaction monitor automatically detects security breaches & suspicious activity. Eliminates any attempt of intentional or accidental breaches of regulatory rules.

High Performance

High performance order management system that is 100% on-chain, no “gas fees”, and 2000 transitions per/sec for maximum efficiency gains and smooth UX.

Compliance Enabled

Reporting and detection of suspicious activity are automated. Compliance standards are updated seamlessly as regulation evolves.

  • Rapid & Low Cost

    Quickly bring your issuance to market with low cost listing services, 24/7 support and out of the box liquidity.

  • Market Making

    Instantly provide liquidity and price discovery for your investor audience with “liquid ready” Uniswap style pools paired with automated arbitrage bots.

  • Own your Market

    Whitelabel our technology and set your own fees.

  • Cross Leverage Liquidity

    List on the Chintai regulated exchange venue to expand your reach to growing investor network.

  • Multiple Market Types

    Classic order book and “liquid ready” Automated Market Makers.


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